A High Dose Flu Vaccine For Elderly Age 65+



What is the difference between a higher-dose flu vaccine and 4-strain flu vaccine?

  • Greater protection against the influenza virus up to 24.2% compared with standard dose of 4-strain flu vaccine
  • Reduced hospitalization caused by heart and lung conditions by up to 17.9%
  • Minimized complications brought on by pneumonia up to 27.3%

Higher-Dose Flu Vaccine For The Elderly Aged 65+ (For 1 Person) 2,200 THB. (Full Price 3,600 THB.)

Valid from 19 July – 31 October 2023

Terms and conditions

  • It is recommended for people aged over 65.
  • These prices include doctor and hospital fees.
  • Service is available at Vaccine Clinic, 1st floor and Longevity Center, 1st floor, R-Building, Bangkok Hospital. Tel. +66904017468.
  • The hospital reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.


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