Comprehensive Colon Cancer Care Program




Samitivej Hospital, recognized at the Asia Pacific 2022 Awards as the Colorectal Cancer Service Provider of the Year, offers safe, international-standard surgery. Our services continue to gain reliance and trust from both Thai and international patients.

  • AI-assisted colonoscopic technology from Japan that reduces the chance of colon cancer by more than 60%
  • Internationally recognized team of surgeons certified by the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination who have provided treatment to more than 500 patients
  • Targeted colon cancer therapy
    • With a 90% complete recovery rate
    • Fatality rate from colon cancer reduced by 53%
    • Complication rate reduced by 60%
Colonoscopy for Colon Cancer Price
AI-assisted Colonoscopy 24,500

Terms and Conditions 

  • Colonoscopy under sedation
  • Price includes endoscopy room fees and recovery room fees for symptom monitoring
  • Price includes laxative fee but does not include physical examination fee prior to colonoscopy
  • For colonoscopy programs, for polyps < 1 cm the additional price for pathology is 1,500 baht / polyp (excludes the cost for special equipment). For polyps <2 cm the price will be calculated based on actual cost
  • Please contact our staff for any additional pricing information before receiving service
  • The hospital reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice
  • In case the patient wants to use health insurance, insurance must be applied before services are rendered
  • This privilege may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts
  • Promotions are available only to Thai nationals and foreigners residing in Thailand
  • Services available at the Colorectal Center inside The Liver and Digestive Institute, Japanese Hospital Building, Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

For more information, please contact:
Liver and Digestive Institute, 1st Floor, Japanese Hospital by Samitivej, or click here

Colorectal Cancer Surgery Programs Price
Endoscopic Colon Cancer Surgery (7-night stay) 669,000
Endoscopic Colorectal Cancer Surgery (7-night stay) 755,000

Terms and Conditions 

Items included in the package: 

  • Surgery room fees (4 hours)
  • 7-night inpatient stay (single standard room) with standard food, nursing and services
  • Fees for anesthesia and specific medications for surgery
  • Pathology fees of one specimen
  • Medications for 7 days (only medications related to surgery; specific medications for other diseases are not included)
  • Surgeon fees
    • Surgeon
    • Assistant surgeon
    • Anesthetist
    • Pathologist

Items excluded from the package:

  • Outpatient service fees or other fees prior to the surgery
  • Medical service fees for other treatments aside from surgery
  • Room stay and other service fees in case more than a 7-night stay is required
  • Consultation or treatment fees by specialists in other fields
  • Additional charges in case of emergency surgery, utilization of special medical equipment, or longer surgery period than required in the program
  • Doctor fees in case of patient admission, including daily visits and final discussion before the patient’s discharge
  • Personal expenses during patient’s stay (e.g. drinks, phone calls and food for visitors for which normal prices will apply)
  • Blood transfusion fees
  • Diagnostic tests pre- and post-surgery which as deemed appropriate by the surgeon (2 blood tests, X-rays and 1 session of EKG are included in the package)
  • Special medications and equipment for other diseases


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