Delivery Packages




  • Normal Delivery Package (3 Days 2 Nights)  98,000 baht *
  • Cesarean Package (4 Days 3 Nights)  111,990 baht
  • Cesarean Twin Pregnancy Package (4 Days 3 Nights)  165,000 baht
  • Normal Delivery + Painless  to Cesarean Section (4 Days 3 Nights)  ราคา 160,000 baht **

Remark 1: *Normal Delivery Package with epidural anesthesia for painless labor will cost an additional 20,000 baht on top of the base package price.
Remark 2: **In the case when initial normal delivery has to be converted to cesarean section, there will be an additional fee for cesarean section service, details below:

In case auspicious birth time is between 10 pm and 6 am, there will be an additional charge of 35,000 baht for each newborn.

The Delivery Packages include

  • Professional fees of the obstetrician, his/her assistant, pediatrician, and anesthesiologist.
  • 16th-floor maternity ward Executive river/lake view room charge, nursing service charges, labor room, operating room, recovery room, nursery room charges for the specified length of stay of the packages.
  • Standard hospital food service for the specified length of stay of the package.
  • Medications, medical supplies pertaining to normal labor.
  • One dose each of BCG, hepatitis B vaccinations, and vitamin K as well as fetal nonstress test.
  • Newborn ABO and Rh blood group determination, tests for TSH, PKU, transcutaneous bilirubin; newborn hearing screening test (OAE), pulse oximetry, and neonatal critical congenital heart disease screening.
  • Maternal platelet and blood crossmatching but not including maternal blood and blood components transfusion before, during, or after delivery.
  • Birth certificate processing
  • Child gift set, photograph, and health record booklet.
  • Personal breastfeeding instruction and advice by experts.
  • Tips for postpartum care by a physical therapist and nutritional advice by a nutritionist.

Eligibility criteria for the Delivery Packages:

  • Gestational age greater than 36 weeks or for twin pregnancy 35 weeks and is not a high-risk pregnancy as described below as well as agreeing to get all required pre-labor lab tests at MedPark Hospital only.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • If severe complications develop during the course of labor and delivery that require close supervision and additional treatments, the terms and conditions of the entire delivery package shall be null and void. The Hospital will bill for all expenses at normal rates.
  • For the initial normal Delivery Package that later needs to be converted to the cesarean section, the new converted package price will be 140,000 baht.
  • For a normal Delivery Package with a request for painless labor through epidural anesthesia or spinal block, the hospital will charge an additional fee of 20,000 baht on top of the normal rate for the Delivery Package.
  • For a normal Delivery Package with administration of epidural anesthesia or spinal block for painless labor that later need to be converted to cesarean section, the total converted package price will be 160,000 baht.
  • The price is exclusive of phototherapy treatment for neonatal jaundice.
  • This price excludes the delivery process of medicines home.
  • If the newborn develops any complications but does not affect the care of the mother, the hospital will bill for the treatments provided to the newborn at a normal rate.
  • The delivery package cannot be used in conjunction with third party payment by a contracted company, the insurance company, and cannot be given any additional discount based on the terms of the contracted company agreement.
  • If incidental abnormality is encountered during cesarean section such as a tumor requiring removal, the surgical fee for additional surgery will be charged at 50% discount of the normal rate for cash payment and at 30,000 baht for third party insurance payment.
  • The packages do not include other surgical procedures such as appendectomy, tubal sterilization procedure, or newborn circumcision.
  • Should a cesarean-section patient would like to have the tubal sterilization procedure at the same time, there will be an additional fee of 12,000 baht.
  • If room upgrade from that specified in the package is requested, the hospital will charge for the difference in the room rate after a 10% discount.
  • The delivery packages do not cover miscellaneous personal services such as beverages, telephone charges, and made-to-order meals, the hospital will bill at full normal rates.
  • Terms of any promotional campaigns or member cards cannot be applied to the delivery packages.
  • Father is permitted to enter the delivery room only after the anesthesiologist has finished administering the epidural block and the obstetrician has also signaled approval.
  • Medical supplies that are not included in the packages are baby bottles, milk, infant formulas, baby’s pillow, cloth diaper, disposable diapers that are not covered in the package price.
  • Payment should be paid in full in advance before the hospital admission.
  • The hospital reserves the right not to allow any picture taking or video recording during the normal delivery or cesarean section procedure.
  • The hospital reserves the right to permit only the hospital staff to take still photographs.
  • If a cesarean section procedure is scheduled between 6.00 am-11.00 am, the patient is permitted to come to the hospital after 10.00 pm of the night before the delivery date without additional fees.

The package price is valid to use from now – 31 December 2023
These packages are for services provided at MedPark Hospital only.
The prices are reserved for Thai citizens and expatriates residing in Thailand only.


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