Headache Screening Package




Headache Screening Package

  • What is the root cause of your nagging chronic headache?
  • How much longer do you have to put up with it?
  • Would it be too late if the symptoms continue without knowing the cause?

These are puzzles each of you has to solve. Different conditions may have similar headache symptomatology, which requires a differing treatment. A thorough screening is crucial for a quick and spot-on treatment.

Headache Screening Packages:

  • Integrative Headache Screening  17,150 THB
  • Comprehensive Headache Screening  29,050 THB
  • Executive Headache Screening 39,500 THB


Expenses not included in the packages:

  • The price excludes doctor fees for examinations or treatments not specified in the packages. (Due to abnormalities detected by the packages requiring additional investigations.)
  • Other discounting privileges or promotional offers do not apply to the packages


Terms and conditions

  1. The prices are valid from now until 31 December 2023
  2. Includes doctor fee, nursing fee, and hospital service fee.
  3. If you are pregnant, or you think you may be pregnant, have a preexisting brain tumor, seizure, migraine, diabetes, or have metal implants, please consult the doctor before screening with the packages.
  4. Do not eat or drink (except water) at least 8 hours before the procedure.
  5. Changing screening items are not allowed and without exception.
  6. The packages cannot exchange for cash under any circumstances, including when patients refuse or omit any package item.
  7. The prices are valid for Thai nationals and expatriates residing in Thailand only.


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