Laparoscopic Hernioplasty Package




Laparoscopic Hernioplasty small wounds, speedy recovery.

Laparoscopic Hernioplasty
(inclusive of 1-night hospital stay)
Price 190,000 baht

Terms & Conditions

  • The price is valid for purchase from now until 31 December 2023
  • The price does not include doctor consultation fees before the surgery or any fees before the surgery.
  • The prices are inclusive of Surgeon fee and anesthesiologist fee.
  • The prices are inclusive of Patient’s room fees as stated by the hospital, hospital service fee and nurse fees.
  • The prices are inclusive of: Medical equipment and medical tools used in the surgery and anesthesia fees.
  • The prices are inclusive of: Biopsy
  • The package is applicable for the elective patients which will be considered by the doctor.
  • The price is exclusively for Thai residents and expatriates residing in Thailand only.
  • MedPark Hospital reserves the right to change terms & conditions and prices without prior


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