Low-Dose Chest CT (LDCT) Package




Low-Dose CT Lung Cancer (LDCLC) – 6,900 Baht

  • The fast and safe method as it does not require the use of a Contrast Media
  • A low dose of radiation making it safe for the body
  • More accurate than X-ray images for better results in detecting the early stages of cancer


Who should get an LDCT screening test? 

  • Those age 50 or older that are heavy smokers
  • Those who have stopped smoking but have not stopped more than 15 years
  • Those with a family member who smokes or is being exposed to cigarette smokes (secondhand smokers)
  • Occupational risks or being exposed to chemical or radiation substances at work
  • Those who are exposed to dust, smoke, or air pollution for an extended period
  • Those who have a history of a direct relative with lung cancer


Terms & Conditions: 

  1. Packaged price is valid from now – 31 December 2023
  2. This price includes of nurse service fee and hospital service fee.
  3. The price is exclusive of the doctor fee if there are any additional examinations such as endoscopy or biopsy or other items apart from the package.


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