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Diving Medical Screening

Diving safely requires good diving experience, proper preparation, and excellent physical and mental health, ensuring there are no conditions or diseases that could adversely affect the body during a dive. In addition, however, a medical examination by an underwater medicine specialist is recommended before and after every dive. It is also important to strictly adhere to the rules and guidelines for the specific area where you will be diving. A recreational diving medical screening will allow you to dive more confidently and safely. This examination is different from medical screenings for professional, military, or other types of diving.

There are two types of diving medical screenings: Fit to Dive and Return to Dive.

Fit to Dive 

This type of screening is suitable for first-time divers, for those who want to find out if their body and physical condition is fit for diving or not, and for those who want to know if their physical condition has changed from year to year and whether or not they are still fit to dive, whether there are any newly emerged underlying diseases or medical conditions that may put the diver at risk, such as epilepsy, asthma, type-1 diabetes, tuberculosis, hernia, certain types of mental disorders, etc., and whether there is any history of drug-use.

Return to Dive 

This type of screening is for divers who have had an illness or condition that stopped them from diving, who were previously diving but had issues and who want to start diving again, or who want to know if or when they can return to diving. Specific principles outlined in Diving Medical Guidance to the Physician state that there are certain diseases or medical conditions that require examination by a specialist.

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