Precocious Puberty Hormone Package




Precocious puberty is when young girls or boys enter their adulthood earlier than expected.

  • Girls Breast development before age 8. Begin menstruation before age 9.5
  • Boys Enlargement of testicles or penis. Pubic hair development before age 9

This condition can affect children physically and emotionally. It is important to notice their physical change. Consult a specialty doctor for an early and appropriate diagnosis and treatment to delay precocious puberty so children can maintain their proper natural growth trajectory.

  • Diphereline 3.5 mg.  3 doses
    Price  32,000  baht 

  • Diphereline 11.25 mg.  2 doses
    Price  45,000  baht 
    (every 3 months)


Terms and conditions

  • The price is valid from now until 31 December 2023.
  • The prices include nursing fee and hospital charges.
  • The prices exclude doctor fee and additional expenses related to preexisting medical conditions and complications.
  • The hormone will be administered by doctors or registered nurses of MedPark Hospital only.
  • Hormone administration at home or other medical centers are not allowed.
  • The vaccination must be c completed within the specified period. If necessary, it can be postponed 1 month after the scheduled date.
  • The packages are non-transferable.
  • The prices are valid for Thais and expatriates residing in Thailand only.


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