Robotic Assited Total Knee Replacement (MAKOplasty)




Robotic Assited Total Knee Replacement (MAKOplasty) 


Eligible patients for package

  1. Patients who are eligible for package promotion are patients with no severe underlying conditions in which the surgeon deems inappropriate for package pricing.
  2. Patients who have the following conditions who are at high risk for surgery are not eligible for package pricing : Acute organ failure
  3. Evaluation of ASA Classification III and above
  4. Acute myocardial infarction within the past 4 weeks
  5. HIV positive patients
    Patients with a previous history of knee surgery, unless the surgeon determines that the package may be used


No food and drink before surgery 8 hours

Terms and Condition :
  1. Service is available at Sport Medicine and Joint Center, Counter D, 20th floor, Building A
  2. Package exclude the costs of any additional services required by the doctor base on test results.
  3. This special promotion package pricing is valid from Today – 31 December 2023 only ***package pricing reserves the right to make appropriate adjustments without prior notice***


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