Screening Package For Precocious Puberty



  • Breast growth in girls before age of 8
  • Pubic or underarm hair, acne and adult body odor in boys before age of 9
  • Too rapid growth can potentially lead to short height and social problems  


Paying more attention to warning signs of “Precocious Puberty”

Precocious puberty develops when a child’s body begins changing into an adult too quickly. Affecting both boys and girls, it occurs when sex hormones are released too early or too much. As a result, it often leads to short height and emotional problems. If any sign arises, please immediately consult the pediatrician.


Screening Package for Precocious Puberty (GnRH Stimulation Test) – 14,200 THB. (Doctor fee is excluded)


This package is valid from 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2023.


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