Life Fit Program




An in-depth program designed to help users lose weight

The dangers of obesity or being overweight are well-known, be it the increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even cancer. These dangers are what lead many people to try to lose weight through a managed diet and regular exercise. However, for those who are significantly overweight these methods may not be enough.

This program has been designed to help overweight individuals lose weight. We place an emphasis on unique care for each individual and include in-depth tests to identify the root causes behind that individual’s weight gain. The results are used by our anti-aging and regenerative medicine doctors to create a healthcare plan that will help reduce weight and improve overall health for a better quality of life.

Programs Promotion Price
Life Fit Program See details Buy this program 13,500

Life Fit Plus Program See details Buy this program 17,500



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