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What is the Before Fit Program? 

A cardiovascular and general health screening program aimed at runners and athletes, the Before Fit Program is used to analyze the fitness of a runner, athlete or sports enthusiast before they compete or participate in their chosen sport or a running event. Should a condition or irregularity be detected during this pre-activity analysis, especially a heart disorder, it means the athlete could be placing himself/herself at risk of a serious health event or even death which can occur without warning during exercise. Moreover, screening results can be used to design a tailored training regimen as well as instill confidence prior to competition.

Which groups are suited to the Before Fit Program?

  • Runners preparing for a long-distance race, such as races covering a distance of 10km or more.
  • Runners and athletes wishing to undergo screening prior to the start of a training regime.
  • Sports enthusiasts who are interested in finding out more about their bodies before beginning an exercise regime.
Program Promotion Price
Before Fit Program | See details | Book now 8,990


  • Price includes doctor’s fees but does not include outpatient service fees.
  • Purchasing a Before Fit Program grants the buyer the right to purchase a CT Calcium Scoring Program to measure the amount of calcium in coronary arteries at a price of 4,800 baht (from 10,800 baht) excluding outpatient service fees.
  • Promotional price is available until December 31, 2023.


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